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reddish Its only going to get worse, we all know automation is the future. Pretty soon all issues will be handled on an app. In this case you would file a complaint on your app, and would be refunded electronically, because dont forget there will be no cash transactions in the future :)
spocks For Fuck sake who the hell goes to the movies these days anyways. Had some guy constantly check his phone throughout the movie basking my face light and bringing me out of the experience. I don't see the need to go to the movies again.
jansu I agree and all but its beside the point. Point is we are well on our way to a dystopian future. That cell phone shining in your face may be brighter than customer service in the future.
kirk Its a question about customer service. If you want better service that means better training and probably more people which in turn leads to a higher ticket price.
It kind of reminds me about the conversation about the trades people in the area. Alot of people complaining about shoddy work but at the same time they have hired among the cheapest contractor!!! They weren't willing to pay the dollars for the higher quality. Are you willing to pay a higher movie ticket price or are you ok with the occasional blip?
yenni great anaology. The guy that quotes you 5000 for a custom TV cabinet is going to be higher quality than the guy that charges $1200. Interesting how the middle quote usually gets cut. People tend to pick the highest price or the lowest.