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My fave book this year: The story of Nike

Just finished an audible book of "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight.
One of the best books Ive ever read or listened too.
What I liked:
- Phil shares everything, he doesn't hold back, his story comes across as very authentic.
- I liked the fact that he just stumbled his way into building Nike, That is the goal want to make into a mult-million dollar company, at the beginning he was just trying to survive.
- I like that he doesnt try to put Nike on a pedestal or plug Nike it, he's just a guy telling his story.
Definitely worth a read.

chokchok Some really neat tidbits in the book. DId you know Phil wanted to call his company Dimension 6, also he didnt hire a top end designer to create the nike "swoosh", instead he overheard a designer at his school complaining that she needed money. Phil told her that the logo had to convey "motion", then lo and behold the "swoosh" was born. Swoosh as in the the sound you make as you go by someone.
radish This book was also reviewed by Bill Gates: "Readers looking for a lesson from Knight’s book may leave this book disappointed. I don’t think Knight sets out to teach the reader anything. There are no tips or checklists. Instead, Knight accomplishes something better. He tells his story as honestly as he can..."

I would have to agree with Billy, its more of a story than a book about business.
kirk good book, but it came out a while back. Its on Gates top 5 books for 2016.
reddish +1 for the audible audiobook. top marks for the narration.
boogs audible comes in at a whopping 13 hours. I too recommend the book but buy a kindle or physical copy. The story does get a bit less interesting towards the end and its just easier skimming pages rather than skipping ahead with the audible interface.
omega The book does focus on the early years of Nike. I would have loved for a second volume that put as much emphasis on the latter years. For example there are only a few sentences about Michael Jordan and his influence with Nike. The book primarily cover early 1960's to the 90s.
kirk I think its a perfect setup for a sequel. Volume 2 should cover the latter years, but I don't think there will be a followup.