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AMZN is at all time high but Im still buying, what about you?

Need some counter opinions please. Ive been buying AMZN non stop for a couple of years. I have a unique investing style I don't diversify, I put all my eggs in one basket and go for it. The basket it AMZN.
Im a seasoned investor and I understand this is a discussion, so im not doing anything rash just getting some opinions and some discussion perhaps. Thoughts on AMZN?

gimpy Still buying, buying on every dip. Look up and out. We goto staples to buy our office supplies we goto homedepot to buy our tool, we goto EBgames to buy videogames. Can Amazon replace each of these store, Absolutely they can, and I believe Amazon will make significant inroads into each major sector. Amazon can out retail any retailer in due time. They have the technology/fullfillment/distribution you name it.
I really think one day i will be going to amazon-grocery, amazon-tools, amazon-office...
sujjy I can see that reality, Amazon has the vision and people to pull it off but at some point the govt is going to step in if amazon gets that large. Government regulations are going to stifle amazons growth. Having said that I have a buy and hold position on amazon and would also consider buying more in dips , thing is it would be nice if I didn't have to spend 2K at a time. A stock split would be nice so I could add more granularly.
gimpy I would love a stock split. Last stock split was 1999 if I recall correctly. Not sure what amazon is waiting for.
yenni Pure speculation here but I think Bezos is philosophically against stock splits. They did have 3 splits in early succession in the late 90's. Then at one point the was a downtrend and after all the stock splits the price was in the single digits. I totally get that market cap is the same but there is a certain psychology around a single digit stock price.
laine I would dollar cost average. I believe AMZN will be the first company with a 2 trillion dollar market cap. Either AMZN or AAPL.
boogs I want to but just cant get muyself to buy a stock that I feel is currently overvalued. Im shaking my head because I thought amazon was also overvalued 1200, and its done nothing but go up. At this point I just cant justify it.