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smoothius I had a similar realization after releasing my now defunct web application. Fresh from University i spent a year building a site that had a pretty impressive backend (I optimized everything for speed) spend countless hours making this faster and being able to accommodate more load.

Then i was done, and ready for the masses! the masses never came. Techcrunch wouldn't write about my company and mashable only gave me a few hundred signups. Depressing few weeks for sure.
reddish lessons learned???
smoothius If I were to do it again, I would take a page for the Minimal Viable Product philosophy. I would have launched before all features were in place. It was a photosharing site so before I put in features such as privacy controls, stats, and tags I should have released and built while i listened to users feedback.

Some of the feedback I got was eye opening. The users preferred a simpler elegant interface to the feature rich interface. Eg: 99% of photos were not tagged. I should have left tagging to the Flickr crowd. I also would have tried some "growth hacks". Eg instill some fake scarcity by limiting the number of signups.