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woolly Regarding bennigan's "Best" comment: Different audiences? What would make a difference in a "textbook"?!
Years ago I was stunned when I found there was a "minor" difference in an American History textbook used in two difference states (same ISBN #, but one had an "A" after the #)--a Northern state and a Southern state.
Example content difference:
• Northern textbook: the CSA troops were "in rout"
• Southern textbook: the CSA troops executed a "strategic withdrawal"
And some folks wonder why we have derision/division/... in America.
laine I prefer video lectures, by the time a book is out its already outdated. Video lectures have less lead time so they are already more current once they are out. Also I prefer the visual cues in the video and learn better via listening than just reading.
mazda3 agreed. This channel is worth checking out if you are in the medical field:
bennigan "Best" is alot of times subjective, so this list won't work for everybody but i think its a good starting point. Its also fairly difficult to compare textbooks to one another as they all have slightly different audiences in mind.